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What is the Wall Of Love? The Wall Of Love is quite simply, a means to honor couples in love. There are websites and landmarks all across the world honoring kings, queens, presidents, entertainers and veterans as well as some honoring victims of tragic events, but this is the first opportunity for loving couples from all walks of life to be honored and respected for what they have, what they've endoured and what they have created together. There was a time when being in love meant something and being married meant everything. For many of us, love is everything. It's value is greater than the material wealth sought after, worked tirelessly for and hoarded by many and in the end, its the one thing we will give everything up for.

Can I submit more than one picture? - Yes, you can make more than one submission, but please only submit one picture per couple. For example, if you submit three pictures, you can submit one picture of you and your honey, one picture of your parents, one picture of your grand parents, etc.

Can I submit a piture for a non-family member? Yes, you can submit pictures for family members, friends, co-workers, associates or any other loving couple you feel should be honored for their loving relationship together.

Can I have a picture removed if we get a divorce, remarry, etc? Yes, If at any time you wish to have your picture removed, submit a written request and upon verification, we will remove your picture. In addition, we will reserve an opportunity for you to resubmit another picture at a later time free of charge.

If someone submitted a picture of me and my honey, can I have it removed or replaced? Yes.

Why do you charge a fee for submissions? Although website construction and maintenance is a relatively low cost process, construction and maintenance of a physical landmark is quite expensive. Bunny Up LLC is funding the majority of the costs of constructing the physical landmark, but we feel a small contribution on behalf of those we are honoring is a worthy cause.

Where will the permanent "physical wall" be located? The specific location of the permanent "physical wall" will be revealed once the initial phase of construction has been completed. Due to safety concerns, we would like the initial phase to be completed prior to having visitors arrive. The general location, however, will be near Orlando, florida.

How will we know when the physical wall has been completed? Once the initial phase of the physical wall has been completed, we will post the information here on our website, through multiple social media resources and media press releases. It will be difficult to avoid hearing about it! ;)



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