Bunny Up.....  Or Die Trying!
Robert Englehardt

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Bunny Up Moments!

Bunny Up Moments.... You know what it is! ;)

It's that special moment two people share to... well, Bunny Up! Keep it interesting, keep it exciting and enjoy each and every opportunity to Bunny Up, regardless of location, time of day/night or activity currently engaged in. It is our belief that life is too short and we should enjoy each and every day as much as possible, while we can.

We are not here to debate if "Bunny Up Moments" should be engaged in before marriage, between homosexual couples, beyond the bedroom etc, etc. Everyone has their own beliefs and we believe that what happens within a couple's relationship is their own business, not everyone else's business to critique and ridicule. We are about freedom. Freedom for all, regardless of who you are, where you're from, what sexual or religious beliefs you have, etc. If you agree with what we believe in, great! If you don't, that's fine too.

Our founder, Robert Englehardt, conceived the phrase "Bunny Up Moments" as a means to carry on a conversation with other adults regarding that activity, without conveying the exact nature of the activity while children are around.

It's not that he had an interest in always talking about Bunny Up Moments, but being remarried with four children in the house made things somewhat difficult when something regarding the topic would come up. Sound of course travels and fours kids can have ears everywhere. Kids hear Bunny Up and they think about Bugs Bunny, The Easter Bunny, little furry bunnies, etc. Adults hear Bunny Up and they think about adult activities!

Many years ago Mr. Englehardt found himself as a divorced father of two young children. One of the family traditions he started were known as Oreo Moments. Robert would sit down with his kids, three glasses of milk and a package of Oreo cookies. His daughter Sarah would take the left row (she is a lefty) Robert would take the middle row and Spencer would take the right row. If the three of them didn't totally destroy the package of Oreo cookies, they sure would give it a serious beating. These special moments became known as Oreo Moments. When Liz came into Robert's life with two special young girls, their Oreo Moments expended and required two packages of Oreo cookies. When Robert & Liz would have their own special moment together, he began calling them Bunny Up Moments! Ironic as it may seem, Robert's dad called him thumper when he was really young! Everything happens for a reason! ;)

With four young children in the house and crazy schedules for both Liz & Robert's employment, finding opportunities to Bunny Up became a challenge for them. Without going into details, they became creative. An opportunity is an opportunity and there are times when an opportunity needs to be exploited rather than missed. As time passed, they created a list. A list of locations to engage in Bunny Up Moments. This list expanded and they eventually turned it into a game. The Bunny List Book is now part of their life and is featured in The Bunny Up VIP Club.

To this day, they incorporate Bunny Up into everything they do, everywhere they go. Apparently it is becoming a trend because Bunny Up decals, Bunny Up Shirts and Bunny Up Moments are showing up everywhere!