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Romance is defined as:

1. A Feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

2. A quality or feeling of mystery, excitement and remoteness from everyday life.

There are three fundamental elements that couples use to successfully bring romance into their relationship.



The first being remoteness. Getting away from other people is quite necessary if you wish to enjoy a romantic moment with your partner. People are distractions and they can be annoying if they are there in person or simply on the phone. If your partner communicates with other people via text and/or social media on a regular basis, ask them to put their phone on silent so you both can focus on your romantic experience together without distractions.

Finding locations away from other people can be challenging as well, especially if the two of you have busy and demanding schedules. Beach and mountain locations have become favorite destinations for those seeking romantic moments. These type of locations bring isolation from other people and enable the couple to focus on each other without distractions.

For those unable to get away to the beach or mountains, there's always your bedroom and bathroom. Don't put romance on the back burner until your once a year vacation arrives. Sometimes having a few quiet moments together at home can recharge your relationship and bring energy into your soul. Romance is about the experience. In case you didn't quite understand that statement, we will put it another way:

Romance is about the EXPERIENCE!!!


In addition to Remoteness, Mystery & Excitement are both fundamental elements that can make or break the romantic experience. Mystery can come in the form of food, clothing and adgenda, which are normally revealed when the time is right. Most people love mystery to a certain degree.

Excitement comes when a person can see or hear what is about to be experienced. The sight of a familiar food, the smell of an appealing scent or even the soft touch of pleasure can bring about excitement for both you and your partner. Excitement is essential in romantic experiences and it's one thing people will always remember. If you want your partner to remember your romantic experience, make sure they are excited!

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