New Year Relationship Resolutions!

Now that another year has passed into history and a new and refreshing year is upon us, you may be inclined to challenge yourself with a series of New Year Resolutions. Indeed, improving your life is always a great thing, especially when you focus on your physical health, financial life and other self improving goals of a challenging and productive nature, but what about your relationship with your significant other?

Just like any great New Years Resolution, we start off with a burning desire to change, but many of us quickly slide back into our usual routine of managing the daily trials and tribulations of our busy lives. One of the great things about Relationship Resolutions is once you have a positive experience, you will want to repeat that experience over and over again!

Many people begin the new year by setting New Years Resolutions based on their physical or financial lives. These are no doubt great ways to begin a new and refreshing year, especially if there's a serious need for improvement in those areas, but these resolutions take time and often the rewards of our efforts may not be noticeable for weeks or months.

Hitting the gym a few days a week or changing your diet might sound great at first, but in this era of immediate gratification, you may quickly become disappointed with your lack of results in the near future. Of course, you didn't put those 15 pounds on over night, so you shouldn't expect to drop those pounds by morning either. If your New Years Resolution involves changing your financial life, the wait for gratification in that area could be much longer! Finding a new job, adjusting your budget to lower expenses and paying off bills or making investments are all great goals, but achieving these goals can take months or years of effort before you reap the rewards. If you are one of the many seeking immediate gratification for your effort, look no further than your relationship with your honey!

Setting Relationship Resolutions can provide you with immediate results from your effort and they can have a profound impact on the new year ahead. There's an old cliche' that says "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" The fact is, this bold statement is true in every sense of the words, but it also applies to husbands as well!

Think about it for a minute.... If your honey is pissed, angry, upset (or any other negative discription you may throw out there) with you or someone else in the family, the odds of your day with them being a happy and positive one is significantly decreased. If your honey is frequently dealing with negative experiences in your relationship, then they might begin to look elsewhere for positive experiences.

By nature, most people tend to avoid negative experiences. For example, if you touch a hot pan on the stove and burn yourself, you're not exactly going to have any desire to repeat that experience. The same goes for relationships as well. If you do something (either positive or negative) and you have a negative experience as a result of your actions, you may not want to repeat those negative experiences. Of course, there are those exceptions to the rule where some people just don't learn from their mistakes, but we'll cover that in another article.

Setting Relationship Resolutions can have an immediate and positive experience on your relationship, your day, your week, your month and your year! The results from your effort can be immediate and extremely gratifying, not to mention beneficial in oh so many ways! Relationship Resolutions can be as simple as saying "Good Morning" or "I Love You" or simply sending frequent, positive and complimentary texts throughout the day. If you really want to kick things up a notch, try leaving gifts for your honey to discover on a more frequent basis or plan a weekend getaway for you two to escape your busy lives and reconnect while making wonderful memories together.

If for whatever reason, you put forth effort and you don't quite get the positive experience you were hoping and maybe even expecting from your honey, try communicating with them on a positive level and maybe change things up a bit. Do something a little different next time and see if you get a better response.

I know from personal experience that my efforts don't always bring forth the positive experience I was hoping for and expecting. I even found myself wanting my honey to be more enthusiastic about something, but disappointed with the results, then ten minutes later I observed my honey expecting our kids to be more enthusiastic about something, just to be disappointed with our kids response as well. Either Karma is a bitch or we are all just fickle with our responses and expectations. Either way, embrace a few Relationship Resolutions and enjoy the immediate gratification that comes with them..... if you are doing it right! ;)


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