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Trust Within Your Relationship!

Trust is no doubt one of the most important fundamental elements within every relationship. Without trust, we have nothing but a facade. Trust is the one thing within a relationship that, when violated, can immediately bring the end of that relationship, without having a need for other contributing issues. Trust alone can either make or break your relationship.

It's easy to say a person should trust their partner 100%. The fact of the matter is we are all human and subject to poor decisions from time to time. Expecting our partner to be perfect is unreasonable and not quite reality. We should, however, have a desire for our partners to consistently put forth effort to improve our relationships and we should do so as well.


There are a number of key points to consider when trying to understand and develop trust within your relationship.

1. Get To Know Each Other

Getting to know each other is extremely important and may save your heart ache down the road. If you get to know each other really well, you will either reassure yourself that your partner is the right person or you will discover they are not the right person, potentially saving you months and years of effort and investment.

Discuss what your hopes, dreams and desires are as well as your biggest fears. Learning and understanding how you both were raised, what you want out of life and how you plan to achieve your goals will help you discover mutual goals and boundaries and may enable you to find mutually beneficial ground to base your relationship on.


2. Discuss Your Boundaries

Discussing what you both believe is acceptable and unacceptable behavior in your relationship will better prepare you both for success rather than failure. If you insist on having an exclusive relationship and fresh breath before your first morning kiss, your partner needs to know. If you both know the boundaries, then you both can put forth the effort necessary to avoid disappointing your partner.

If your partner is uncomfortable with something you do, you must ask yourself if it's worth doing and making them feel uncomfortable or unhappy. If you are the type of person that wants to do "whatever you want" then being in a committed relationship might not be the right thing for you.


3. Treat Them As You Wish To Be Treated

It's never fair for one person to set boundaries that they themselves don't adhere to. If you expect certain freedom, your partner deserves the same. If you set certain boundaries within your relationship, you should remain within those boundaries as well. Violating the boundaries established within your relationship is the most destructive way you can destroy the trust you both may have. Once this trust is destroyed, it may never be the same..... ever!


4. Don't Lie

You should always be up front and honest with your partner. If you don't, you may cause a series of problems well beyond the issue you may be currently dealing with. If you find your partner questioning you about something or they seem suspicious, you should act immediately to quell those suspicions. As humans, our own imagination can be our own worst enemy. Don't give them time or opportunity to let their imagination run wild and make things much worse than they really are. In addition, getting angry and defensive might make things worse as well. Try to view the scenario from their perspective, understand how they might be feeling and then be honest and thoroughly explain the facts to them. Even if you were wrong, the path to a better relationship will be much easier than if you take the path of lies.