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Respect Within Your Relationship!

Having respect within your relationship is extremely important. Indeed, it is possible to have a relationship where there's a general lack of respect, but mutual respect is vital if you wish to have a "wonderful relationship".

In order to reflect a favorable level of mutual respect, both you and your partner should consistently put forth effort in the following:

1. Honor Your Boundaries

Honoring the boundaries you and your partner have established together provides a necessary level of respect, but also builds trust over time. Trust, of course, being one of the Eight Keys To A Wonderful Relationship.


2. Acknowledge Your Partner's Contributions

There will no doubt be times when you may let your partner down or your partner may let you down. We are human and we are by no means perfect. You both, however, will make wonderful contributions to your relationship as well. Both you and your partner should affirm each other's positive contributions, even when you may be frustrated with one another. Acknowledging your partner's positive contributions validates their efforts and foster's positivity rather than negativity.


3. Choose Your Words Carefully

During heated arguments, we may be inclined to speak before we think. This can be quite detrimental to even the best of relationships and it can have a ripple effect for a very long time. Think before you speak and carefully consider the potential outcome from what you are about to say. Will your words bring about the outcome you desire or will they cause additional problems? Is it possible that your partner may perceive your words in an entirely different way from which you may intend? Remember, harsh words are usually used to "punish" a person and kind words tend to make a person more considerate of the information and points you are trying to make and convey.


4. Consistently Show Consideration

Helping your partner when in need, giving them sincere compliments and always being thoughtful of their wants, needs and desires will pave the way for a long term wonderful relationship.


5. Be Willing To Compromise

Having respect within your relationship doesn't mean you always get what you want. A wonderful relationship requires both partners to negotiate and compromise on all things big and small in order to maximize the happiness of both partners within the relationship. History has shown that the most wonderful relationships were comprised of two loving individuals that were focused on the happiness of their partners rather than their own wants, needs and desires. Being willing to compromise on what you want in order to bring happiness to your partner will provide the flexibility your relationship needs to last for many many years.


6. Admit When You Are Wrong

Admitting when you are wrong can save you hundreds of dollars in headache medicine and thousands of hours in arguments. If you are wrong, you are wrong. Admitting it shows a willingness to compromise and validates your honest nature. There may be times when you may be "partially right" along with your partner, but that's a good time when your ability to compromise should come into play.


7. Protect Your Partner At All Times

Never compromise your partner's physical, mental or emotional well-being, period. They are your partner above and beyond all others. Protecting them at all times shows them and the world, a level of respect they deserve.