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Excitement & Adventure!

Let there be no doubt, Excitement & Adventure in a relationship is awesome! It makes the relationship enjoyable and worth living for. It may not always be easy to maintain a high level of excitement and adventure in your relationship, especially if you are dealing with school, work, kids, health issues, and other issues, but those that continue to strive for excitement and adventure within their relationship tend to enjoy their relationships much more and of course they make wonderful memories along the way.

Some people are drawn to excitement and adventure, while others just go with the flow. They don't think they need excitement and adventure, but they will go with it if the opportunity is there or if the time is right. Each person should first identify which type of person they are when it comes to excitement and adventure, then they should determine what type of person their partner is or what type of partner they want to have. Understanding these two behavior types can make things much easier down the road.

If you crave excitement and adventure in your life, you more than likely want to be challenged. You want to grow and become all that you are capable of becoming. Your call may come from work, sports, daring feats, outdoor activities or a number of other sources. You may be considered an adrenaline junkie to a certain degree or just one that enjoys doing new things. Regardless of your source or motivation, you feel the need to fulfill your desires and if you don't, you may become bored with yourself, your partner or your life. Those that become bored within their relationship tend to seek excitement and adventure elsewhere and unfortunately, this may lead to an affair or divorce. Understanding a persons needs for excitement and adventure and being proactive in fulfilling these desires may save you many headaches down the road.

For those individuals not necessarily motivated by excitement and adventure, you should understand what type of partner you have and what you may be missing. The number of people at the end of their lives more than likely never wish they had done less and we are quite sure those that have enjoyed fulfilling lives still wish they had time to do more. You don't have to scale the highest mountain or go skydiving to have excitement and adventure in your life, but being caught in the daily routine of life, work and family might not exactly provide the fulfilling adventure you or your partner needs.

Have a chat with your partner and discuss what type of person each of you are when it comes to excitement and adventure. Make a wish list of things you both would like to do and don't exclude things because of your jobs, kids, money or any other limitations. The list can be as wild and crazy as you can imagine, because after all, you two are in this for a lifetime!

One may want a cross country trip while the other may desire a tour of vineyards in Napa Valley. Once you have made a list together, determine which things you both would be comfortable with doing and which things you would rather not do. If there is something you prefer not to do, you should explain to your partner your reasons for not engaging in that specific activity and give details. Just stating "because I don't want to" isn't enough. Give reasonable details as to why you don't want to engage in that specific activity, but be open to watching your partner as they enjoy the experience. If your partner wants to go skydiving, then support them and watch from the ground. If your partner doesn't like wine and you want to go on a wine tour in Tuscany, tell them they don't have to drink! Experiencing these activities together is the key and allowing your partner to not engage in certain activities due to possible fears or lack of desire is respectful.

Regardless of what type of person you or your partner tends to be, bringing excitement and adventure into your relationship can be extremely rewarding. Living a life full of excitement and adventure is much more fulfilling than spending your weekends on the couch and the memories you make along the way will last a lifetime!