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The Bunny Up Wall Of Love is a new feature here at The Bunny List. It is quite simply, a wall to honor loving couples. In our culture, we honor veterans, teams, athletes, celebrities, entertainers and a few other categories of individuals and groups of people, but we don't really honor loving couples the way we should. We have created our Wall Of Love to help honor those in love and it is our hope that this wall will continue to grow beyond our wildest dreams. This wall will remain online and a part of our website, indefinately. We will never remove this wall and we will continue to add couples as the requests come in.

In addition to this digital wall, we are planning a permanent "physical wall" to be built near Orlando, Florida. Funds received from The Wall Of Love will be used to construct the physical wall and couples on this digital wall will automatically be included on the physical wall for family and friends to visit for years to come whenever they are in the Central Florida area.

There is a one time fee of $25.00 to be added to our Wall Of Love. Once you are on our wall, you will be there indefinately. If, however, you decide in the future that you wish to be removed from the wall of love (due to divorce or irreconcilable differences) we will remove you from our wall and you will be given an opportunity to rejoin our wall at a later time, free of charge.

The Bunny Up Wall Of Love is a great way to honor loving couples and you can submit yourself, family, friends, co-workers or just about anyone you may know.

If you would like a special message to be included with your post, an additional one time fee of $10.00 will be included with your post fee.

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If you would like to submit an entry for our Wall Of Love, make your selection above for your desired submission. Once you complete your purchase, you will be given an opportunity to submit your picture and message.

When submitting your picture, please include a picture with good resolution and at least 500 pixels wide. For obvious reasons, all pictures must be approved prior to being posted online. Once your picture has been approved, we will post it on our Wall Of Love and you will receive an email notification confirming your new addition to our wall. If our design team encounters problems with your picture (such as you image is too small or poor resolution), you will be notified of the specific discrepancy and given an opportunity to resubmit another picture for approval.


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