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The Bunny List Book

International Bunny Up Day!

The Bunny List Book is a comprehensive compilation of information, tips, techniques and unique locations where a couple should engage in "Bunny Up Moments" for excitement and adventure! This list is no doubt one of the world's most unique lists ever written and is commonly referred to as "The Bunny List".

The Bunny List is essentially the master list of locations where you should engage in "Bunny Up Moments"! Each location has been given an associated point value and your goal is to complete the list in it's entirety. Some locations on The Bunny List may seem rather simple, while others may appear nearly impossible. For those with a desire to be successful, a healthy dose of determination and creativity shall serve you well!

The Bunny List is not something you can conquer in a week or a month, maybe not even in a year! The fact of the matter is, there's just too much to do.... or should I say, there's too many places to do it! ;)

The Bunny List is a tool to enhance your life and bring enjoyment into your relationship over an extended period of time. As you make progress and complete certain point levels, you will be rewarded! How do we track your progress? It's in the book! No, we do not ask you to send us naked pictures or video to confirm a location, but we have developed a unique method which is clean, entertaining and socially acceptable to all parties involved! Trust us, we would need too much therapy if we asked everyone to send us that kind of material.

Indeed, the list of locations receives the most attention by those acquiring this book, however, there's attitional information as well, which may assist you and your partner in creating a wonderful relationship together.

To give you an idea, the table of contents is listed below:

The Bunny List Table Of Contents:

The Bunny List Book

Initially, The Bunny List Book was reserved only for Bunny Up VIP Members, but the high demand for the release of this book to non-VIP members convinced us otherwise. Not everyone has the time and/or resources available to join our VIP Club, but just about everyone desires a wonderful relationship.

If you and your partner would like to build a wonderful relationship together, get your copy today and let the adventure begin!

The Bunny List Book - $35.00