Bunny Up.....  Or Die Trying!
Bunny Up Smile!
Bunny Up
Every Day Should Be Greeted With A Bunny Up Smile!


Romance Is The Key!
The key to Bunny Up Moments is romance! If executed properly, Bunny Up Moments are sure to come! Don't rush it, enjoy your time together and make those ever lasting memories!

Bunny Up Romance

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We here at Bunny Up, LLC invite you to contact us. Let us know how we're doing; give us your ideas, your complaints and your compliments. We need your help, and we like feedback.

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For general inquiries, you may send your email to one of the following:

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For Brand Licensing, contact Liz Englehardt at:

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Studies have shown that a little adventure in every relationship can increase a couple's happiness, lower stress and provide a solid foundation for a strong and wonderful relationship!

Is your current relationship in need of a little adventure? If so, then you might want to grab a copy of The Bunny List Book!

What is The Bunny List? It's a list like NO other list! ;)