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Busy work schedules, educational goals, children, family and friends can all add stress to even the strongest of relationships, but for those making memories together on a regular basis, their relationship will continue to prosper.

Making memories is what it's all about! The experiences you share together will give you something to reflect upon for the rest of your days and those memories are the true treasures in life! Treat each day as an opportunity to make another wonderful memory together and challenge yourself to capture new experiences and enhance your relationship.

Couples grow apart by living seperate lives and making memories apart from one another. We have all heard stories how long distance romances tend to fail in time. That' s because couples living apart tend to have life experiences away from their loved one and those experiences grow and change an individual over a period of time. When couples share experiences together, they grow and change together. When they have different experiences, they grow and change in different ways.

Some couples overcome the challenges of long distant romances by putting forth effort to reconnect on a frequent basis via phone, computer, games, weekend trips, holidays and vacations. The most successful couples to overcome long distance romances are usually those that set specific limits on how long they will be apart. Being apart for family issues, employment issues, educational goals or other reasons can be manageable, but there are usually specific goals or dates set to determine an end to the seperation. If there is a specific end to the temporary seperation, then there is hope. If there is no defined end to the seperation, then the relationship will usually end when one or both parties stop putting forth effort into the relationship on a regular basis.

For those couples setting specific goals and consistently put forth effort create opportunities to make memories together, they have a good chance in surviving a long distance romance. Those couples that tend to let life get in the way, get caught up in daily routines and forget to put forth effor to make memories together, well, there will no doubt be additional challenges and stress in their lives.

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