Bunny Up.....  Or Die Trying!
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Bunny Up... Or Die Trying!

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Bunny Up History

International Bunny Up Day!

In 2010 an opportunity came the way of Robert Englehardt when he was having a conversation with his brother Chris regarding the state of the economy and the difficulties associated with trying to earn a living. Robert believed then, as he does now, that any individual can earn a living as long as they are willing to work hard, be creative and do what ever is necessary to make their dreams come true.

Robert and Chris were both gainfully employed at the time, each with a different billion dollar corporation and each residing in different states. Robert had established a new life near Orlando, Florida after his military service and Chris remained near their childhood home in the suburbs of San Diego, California.

The two of them discussed many issues associated with their current employment (both positive and negative) and Robert was convinced the only way to break free from his "job" was to start his own business. Both Robert & Chris were earning a good living, but they both felt they were litterally "selling their days" to their employers and merely living for the ever-so-short weekends to come.

Time is the one thing we can't get back. It's true that at times we need to live for the day, but it's also important to plan for the future. If we are always living for the day and not putting forth effort to change how we are living our days, then we are bound to continue living the same days, again and again. Robert wanted to change how he was living his days and he also wanted to help others along the way. Through careful planning and execution, he has developed a business focused on entertaining and helping others.

Over time, the business has grown beyond his wildest dreams, but with each new day there seems to be yet another wonderful opportunity! What was initially a bet between two brothers, has become a passion for many and an opportunity for all.

Bunny Up began as an idea, but has become a Brand with no limits and no boundaries.

Today, they are both telling the world one simple thing.... "Bunny Up..... Or Die Trying!"